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Smoke Detector Inspector helps Realtors, Mortgage Lenders, Attorneys and their clients obtain the Smoke Detector Compliance Certificate that is required when selling a dwelling in Massachusetts and Rhode Island. First we inspect the property and insure that it will pass a local fire inspection. If the property is not in compliance we will bring it into compliance.

Next we schedule the inspection and meet the inspector. After the property passes inspection we deliver the smoke detector compliance certificate to you. Once SDI says a property will pass SDI guarantees it! If the property does not pass we pay for the re-inspection.

We do all this for $149.00 plus expenses. Expenses are the actual cost of the certificate and anything we have to install. With hundreds of clients and thousands of inspections to our credit SDI will make your smoke inspection a smooth, cost effective experience. “One call does it all” so if you or anyone you know is selling a house call Smoke Detector Inspector when it’s time to get your smoke certificate.

Serving South Coast Massachusetts and Rhode Island

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