Frequently Asked Questions

What are expenses?

Expenses are the cost of anything necessary to bring the property into compliance and get the necessary Smoke Detector Certificate. Smoke Detectors, Batteries and the cost of the certificate are common examples of expenses.

Who are smoke detector inspectors?

We are professionals who know what is required to pass a local smoke detector inspection. One call does it all. We inspect the property, if it needs to be brought into compliance we will bring the property into complience.

Are your inspections guaranteed?

Yes! If we schedule the smoke inspection we gurantee the property will pass. If the property does not pass, the re-inspection is on us.

Are there any hidden costs?

$129.00 is the price for our initial inspection and this will cover bringing the property up to code should we find any problems. Before any expenses are incurred you will be given the cost of the material to be provided. If we do the work and schedule the inspection then we gurantee the property will pass. It’s that simple. ($129.00 is the price for all single family homes up to 3500 Sq feet and multifamily dwellings up to 3 units. Additional units are inspected at a cost of $10. per unit. Some other terms and conditions may apply).

Can this cost be passed on to the sellers?

Yes! Many realtors book our service as a courtesy to their sellers and recover the cost as an expense at closing.