This form covers up to three addresses and related contact information, here is the explanation if you’re unsure what is what.

  1. Customer – Who is paying Smoke Detector Inspector? Our point of contact for business.
  2. Realtor – For cases where they are providing access to the property.
  3. Service Location – Where is the Smoke Detector being installed/ inspected?
  • Customer

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  • Service Location

  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Terms

  • I, the above named client, hereby authorize Smoke Detector Inspector (SDI) to conduct an inspection of the above listed service address for the purpose of determining if the property does or can be made to conform with the current laws, rules, and regulations that are required to obtain a Smoke Detector Certificate of Compliance from the local fire of building department. This agreement is a legally binding contract enacted on the date of its submission and ending upon the completion of the work to be performed.

    The base fee for Smoke Detector Inspector to conduct an inspection is:

    - $149.00 for a single family home up to 3,500 square feet
    - $149.00 for a multi-family home or mixed use commercial property up to 3 units

    Single family homes greater than 3,500 square feet are charged an additional $10.00 for every 1,000 square feet over 3,500 square feet. For example, a single family home with a living area of 3,501 square feet would be charged $159.00, a living area of 4,501 square feet would be $169.00, and so forth.

    Multi-family homes and commercial properties over 3 units will be charged $10.00 for each additional unit. For example, a 4 unit building would be charged $159.00, a 5 unit building $169, and so forth.

    A fuel surcharge of $25 may be added for service calls deemed to be outside of Smoke Detector Inspector's regular service area.

    Missed appointments will result in an additional $50 service charge.

    The base fee does not include the cost of any materials or subcontractor labor that may be necessary to pass a smoke detector inspection as conducted by the fire department in your city/town. The base fee does not include the cost of the actual compliance certficiate.

    Because the fire inspector can, and often does, require changes at the time of inspection, the final cost of materials can only be determined upon successful completion of inspection.

    By agreeing to these terms of service I, the aforementioned client, understand that I will be solely responsible to pay Smoke Detector Inspector any moneies owed at the conclusion of their services. This debt will be paid without regard to any other pending sale, debt, litigation, or procedure. I further agree to be responsible for any costs necessary to collect this debt. This may include, but will not be limited to, reasonable attorneys fees, filing fees at a court of jurisdiction or any other reasonable interest or damages associated with this debt. Smoke Detector Inspector will perform all installations and services in a professional manner and in accordance with device manufacturer's installation guidelines, but will not be responsible for any cosmetic issues to the property that may arise as a result of installation or substitution of detectors.

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