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All prices were accurate on the date they were published but are subject to change without notice. While we strive to maintain accuracy on our website the prices shown are subject to change and may not reflect today’s best price. Please address any price questions when booking your inspection. Once an inspection is booked your equipment and inspection prices will not change. Because your local fire department may require modifications at the time of inspection it is impossible to give any client a final price until their property has passed inspection.

Smoke Detector Inspector lists the prices charged by local fire departments as a courtesy and in no way guarantees their accuracy. We have no control over a fire departments fee for service and cannot be responsible for any changes. SDI never marks up the cost of any fire department fee for service. We will only bill what the fire department charges us for your certificate of compliance.

Some properties will require modifications that can only be performed by a licensed electrician.   When this is the case our clients may use their own electrician or SDI has licensed electricians that we work with on a regular basis. When a client chooses to use one of SDI’s electricians it is understood that this portion of our service is being provided by an independent subcontractor. While we stand behind our subcontractors and their work any price for this labor given beforehand is an estimate. A final cost for subcontract labor can only be determined at the conclusion of the modifications and may change based on the complexity of the job.